Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wednesday's Lesson Cancelled

Yesterday, Deborah and I made the mutual decision to cancel my lesson. I've been estranged from the piano all week, and was going to need a "practice lesson" anyway. And Deborah had an unexpected schedule change. It wasn't a change that would interfere with my lesson, but it would have required her to race around and be stressed and have to hurry ... just to get home so I could have a practice lesson. And I wasn't all that crazy about the idea of the hour-long drive for a practice lesson.

We both agreed. Not worth it.

So, did I practice yesterday? NO. Why not? I worked at the bookstore, then ran four miles, then came home. My husband was home early, and it was Valentine's Day. It would be really bad form to lock myself up in the piano room when one's spouse comes home early for Valentine's Day. So I didn't practice.

And I won't get much practicing in this weekend because I'll be on the road and piano-less for most of it.

I'm not stressed about the lack of practice, though. Piano is a priority, but it isn't always the top one. And this week, my novel and my friend Jan's book (which I'm editing) have been the priorities. And piano's going to have to play second fiddle (is that a pun?) for a few more weeks, I'm afraid, until Jan's book is done.

Still, I hope to do better than I did last week. Two hours a week on this music is simply not going to cut it.

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Anonymous said...

Having little time to practice is always a problem. Specially for adult students. I tell my students to practice a little everyday even though they are very busy. Even on Valentines day I am sure that you would have been able the spend at least 15 minutes practicing. A little every day is much better than practicing several hours twice a week.