Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Two Practices in Three Days!

Yes! I have practiced George twice in three days! A veritable record, after my five-plus year sabbatical from piano!

Tonight's practice focused on measure 12, where we have a series of two-against-three with the RH playing the triplets.

I worked really hard on (once again) getting my muscle-memory back, but I also focused on not getting just the muscle memory back. I want to know exactly what I'm playing; I want to be able to dive into the middle of a measure and pick up as if I'd started at the very beginning of the piece. So I worked hard on both understanding what I was playing and retraining my fingers to play the right notes.

It was a fun practice. I love focused practices where I can work on just one measure, or a half a measure for a good thirty minutes or more. (And that's about how long this practice lasted, after doing some D-flat major scales, inversions, and arps.)

I realize this isn't a very long or interesting update, but at least it's an update. Now it's time to go put the kid to bed.

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HaY said...

Hello Waterfall, I'm thinking to create a piano blog and was trying a few address for my blog, and I found you lol
I'm happy to see that you start practicing piano & writing blog again again after 5 years. It's now a year after your last post. Not sure have you finished practicing the Chopin nocturne? =)